2022-2023 Executive Board

Adriana Magdaleno


President: The primary role is to oversee all functions of the Executive Board. This will be done in part by presiding at Board and Booster Meetings and enforcing a due observance of the By-Laws and parliamentary authority adopted. Shall delegate responsibilities to the appropriate executive committee member. The President will serve on the committee to prepare the budget for the following fiscal year and will work in connection with the Treasurer to ensure the current budget is being adhered to. Serves as the main liaison between the Band Director and the rest of the Executive Board Members.

Lisa Fite


Secretary: Prepares and publishes the minutes for all Executive Board meetings and all General meetings. Shall oversee the committees of historian, alumni relations, and social media. The Secretary shall inform the Executive Committee and Parent Members on a variety of information through emails and publication of pertinent information. Shall prepare an end-of-year report to assist the incoming Secretary.

Rene Doud


Co-Treasurers: Assists with the collection of all donations and payments for optional items. Shall keep records of all incoming and outgoing funds. Provides a monthly financial statement to the Executive Committee, Board Members, and general membership. The Treasurer shall process checks approved by the Executive Board. Shall prepare an end-of-year report to assist the incoming Treasurer.

Rebecca Neri
Diana Bechtel


VP of Chaperones: Responsible for scheduling parent chaperone volunteers. Shall ensure all necessary supplies (medical kit, spare clothing, etc) are included when travel is necessary. While away at an event, shall be the main liaison between the parent volunteers and the band director.

Debbie Hernandez


VPs of Clothing: Shall oversee uniforms (MER, WG, and WDL), required clothing and Spirit Wear. This includes all alterations, communications, ordering, and cleaning of uniforms.

Fabian Reyes
Arnold Magdaleno
Jeremy Canell


VP of Logistics & Operations: Shall oversee the bus/transportation arrangements, trip planning, travel arrangements for overnight trips, and prop building. Responsibilities also include overseeing the maintenance and repairs of all equipment used for practices, performances, and travel.

Nancy Oakley


VP of Color Guard: Shall serve as liaison between color guard and the executive booster board to ensure the success of the program.

Joyce P. Collantes


VP Percusion: .

Irma Santaella


Spirit Store:

Shannon Hooks
Tracey Wee


Medical Aide: -.

Tina Freeman


Yearbook: -.

Bianca Bellinger, Meylin Parrales
Veronica Reyes, Summer Smith


Chairperson: Responsible for planning and executing fundraisers and events. Oversees small committees to provide support to the students through meal planning, ice/water distribution during summer band camp, and ice cream social. Works to secure corporate sponsorships.