Etiwanda Eagle


Be Part of Something Special!

Give assistance to our amazing students.

Some of the responsibilities of our Chaperons are as follows:

• Aid students in getting ready for shows (uniform adjustments, pluming, etc)
• Provide water to students
• Check students onto the buses
Above all, ensure the safety and well-being of all students

Suggested Items to Carry

We provide most equipment necessary for chaperons to perform their roles. However, in most situations much of our time is spent away from the trailers. There is often a need to have a particular item on hand when it is not convenient to retrieve it from the trailer. For such cases, the following list gives you a good idea of items you will want to carry on your person.

• Pen(s)
• Cell Phone
• Small flashlight or headlight
• Water bottles (1-2 for you and a spare for students)
• Snacks (granola bars, pretzels, beef jerky, fruit chews are great)
• Hair ties
• Bobby pins
• Safety pins
• Leatherman (at least small scissors)
• Chapstick
• Wipes
• Hand sanitizer

Mandatory CJUHSD Screening

For the safety of all of our students and in compliance with the Chaffey Joint Union High School District we will be requiring all persons serving as a chaperon to complete the district fingerprint screening process before volunteering to work with students. We understand this may be an inconvience but we are sure you understand the well-being of our students is our priority.

If you have been cleared (fingerprinted) through your place of work you will still be required to go through the CJUHSD process. It is relatively quick with most people receiving their clearance within 2-3 weeks.

You will be required to complete a TB test. This can be done through your healthcare provider. You will then schedule an appointment with the school district office to complete your paperwork. From there they will send you to your choice of business that offers Live Scan.

The cost for this can run anywhere from $75-$100 depending on your cost for the TB testing. Please don't let this cost deter you from becoming a chaperon. If it is a financial hardship please contact us to work something out.

For addition information or questions contact Michelle McMahon at (909) 227-2195 or email her at