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Put Your Everyday Spending to Work with Scrip!

What is Scrip?

Scrip is fundraising while you shop. You buy gift cards from a selection of over 750 retailer brands you already shop at and earn a rebate on every gift card you purchase at face value. If you purchase a $25 Scrip card to your grocery store you will receive a gift card worth $25 to spend at your grocery store. The rebate goes straight to the Etiwanda HS Bands and Color Guard Booster Club.

How does Scrip work?

We run our Scrip program through, who has worked with over 48,000 nonprofit organizations over the course of 23 years. Before you begin purchasing Scrip through you will need to sign up and create an account.

Creating an account

  • You register online by going to and clicking "Join a Program".
  • You'll need to enter our enrollment code which will link your account to our organization. For security purposes we cannot post the enrollment code online. Please contact our Scrip coordinator at to get the code.
  • Once you've entered the enrollment code click "Register." You'll answer two challenge questions and provide answers.
  • Then you'll be ready to order online and earn!

How do I pay for my Scrip order?

There are 3 options to pay for your order:

  • Presto Pay - Enroll in Online Payments (Presto Pay) to conveniently pay for orders by linking your bank account to your ShopWithScrip account. There is a small $0.15 convenience fee per order that will be added to the total of your order. Use Presto Pay to receive eGift and ReloadNow funds immediately. Plus, you won't have to drop off any checks.

    To enroll, log in to your ShopWithScrip account and follow these steps:

    1. Click on the "Payment Types" link under Family Functions on your Dashboard.
    2. Choose whether you want to instantly link your bank account or manually enter your banking information and follow the steps for each. Manually entering your information will take 1-2 business days to process.
    3. You'll be ready to pay for your order with Presto Pay!
  • Check - When checking out at ShopWithScrip you can click the option to pay by check. You will need to send payment for the total of your order to the band box in an envelope marked with your name and "Scrip Order" clearly visible on the outside of the envelope. Please note that before the master order will be placed by the boosters we will need the full payment for your order.
  • Credit Card - ShopWithScrip now gives the option to pay online using your credit card. Please note that a 2.7% surcharge will be added to the total of your order.

How will I get my Scrip cards once I place my order?

All orders placed online at are put in a "holding box" on our coordinator's account. On the 3rd and 17th of every month those orders will be released and the cards will be mailed to our coordinator. We expect to receive the cards approximately 3-5 business days after that and we will contact you to arrange to get your cards to you.

We have a coordinator and an assistant coordinator. Both ladies are highly involved with the program and one of them will be present at all booster meetings, concerts, work days, football games, name it! This is the easiest way for us to get your cards to you. But other arrangements can be made.

If your order includes ScripNow you will receive a notification in your dashboard within 5 minutes notifying you that you have Scrip you can download and print and use instantly.

If your order includes Reload or ReloadNow you can expect the funds to be added to your Reload card overnight and ReloadNow within minutes.

Helpful Tools:

It is important to note that all orders containing physical Scrip cards will be released on the 3rd and 17th of every month. That means you need to have your orders submitted and payment received by the 1st and 15th of every month. If you submit your order on August 14th it will be included in the master order released August 17th. You would then expect to receive your Scrip from us around August 22nd.

  • Printable Order Form - Don't want to place an order online? Use this printable order form to place an order and pay with cash, check, or money order. It contains the most popular retailers in our area. You can place your order in the band box with payment. This is also an excellent tool to take to work or share with family and friends. Add their orders to yours and it will help you earn free Scrip faster (See our Loyalty Program). You can still place your order on ShopWithScrip, just adding their total to yours. Keep in mind if they pay by check you will want their checks made payable to you as you will be submitting payment for the entire order!
  • Family Dashboard Cheat Sheet - Learn how to navigate your way through ShopWithScrip. This file will teach you how to set up shopping lists, view your ScripNow, review your order history, see current specials, and more!.
  • Ordering Guide - Learn how to order physical cards and ScripNow. This file also covers ordering and registering Reload cards.

What's new with the Etiwanda HS Bands and Color Guard Booster Club Scrip Program?

Beginning July 1, 2019, we will be launching our LOYALTY PROGRAM.

Each of the 750 retailers offers a set percentage of rebate per Scrip card purchased. An example is Bath and Body Works, who offers a 12% rebate back to our program. That means if you purchased a $25 Scrip card from Bath and Body Works you would be bringing in $3 in rebates to our program.

With our Loyalty Program, for every $50 in rebates you bring to our program you will receive a $10 Scrip card of your choice.

We will include an update on your rebates with every order you receive. Rebates will not expire. Once you reach the $50 rebate level, be sure to let us know what $10 Scrip you would like. Do not order the $10 Scrip yourself! That will force you to pay for the card before you can place your order. We will order the card for you and include it with the rest of your order when it arrives.

If you have any further questions or concerns you can contact our coordinator, Kim Canell, at 909-493-8015 or